DIY: Pastel Bedroom Hooks

My bedroom is small (for a double) but it's still a little way from perfectly formed. There are tasks that have no objects to perform them. A big sticking point for me is once I have the bed in with a table to each side, I have no space for a bedroom chair.

Not everybody is into a bedroom chair, I get that, but I love them. Or rather I love having a place to dump my dressing gown and the current pair of yoga pants I'm using for lounging in the evening, or any other half worn item of clothing. Plus I'm very lucky that my mum does beautiful upholstery so I can pick up a sorry looking chair and some beautiful fabric and have the chair of my dreams. 

But I can't imagine more floor space; I can't bend the laws of physics (despite what some clients often think is the role of an architect). So it was time to employ the first law of compact living:

the first law of compact living: when you can’t go out, go up.

In other words, when there's no floor space left it's time to use the walls. It's principal I've employed in the kitchen with the tall units, in the airing/utility cupboard where I've stacked the hot water tank over the washing machine and it was time to enact it in the bed room. (I also I have plans to put it into action in the hall but that's a little way off yet)

A friend had shown me a load of wooden drawer handles that she had in her shed, saying if I ever needed any I was welcome to them. A plan formed and this was the result:

Cheerful painted wall pegs! It's simple little DIY, and one that breaks down nicely to 10-15min chunks so can be done little by little in the evenings after work

You will need:

  • Wooden drawer handles ( I used one size only but a mix of sizes would be great too!)
  • Drill, and appropriately sized drill bits
  • Screws
  • Glue (I used Araldite, but any strong glue would be fine)
  • Fine sand paper
  • Emulsion paint, in your choice of colours. I've referenced the palette for the flat, but a single colour to match the wall would be really modern and slick
  • Paint brush
  • Clear varnish (spray or liquid)
  • Rawl Plugs, for fixing to the wall.

The wooden handles are designed for being screwed from the inside of a drawer, so the first thing I did was drill out the back to make a hole to fit the head of the screw in and then glued them in place. Careful how the screws settle when you're gluing them, as you want a good perpendicular angle to the back of the knob. Some of mine were a bit wonky and so didn't sit flush with the wall. Leave overnight for the glue to cure properly.

I've since found out about hanger bolts which have a bolt thread on the one end (to go into the knob) and a screw thread on the other (to go into the wall). Not cheap, but if I was doing this DIY again, I would seriously consider using them as it cuts out a few steps and is a stronger fixing. Up to you though: easy or cheap.

Sand down the surface of the knobs. It's a bit fiddly but it will help the paint key better. Wipe with a damp cloth to remove the dust.

You could add a coat or two of primer at this stage, but I didn't bother and just cracked on with the colours! Apply 2-3 coats of paint, allowing the paint to dry in between. I did a coat each evening, which didn't take long and I didn't mind about waiting for them to dry. The lighter colours required more coats, which is where I think the primer would have been useful. Also mulitple thin coats will give you a better finish, so be patient.

Once you've got the coverage you want on the paint, apply a thin coat of varnish to protect the finish. Allow to dry completely.

Decide where you want your pegs, and drill a hole for your rawl plugs. Screw the knob into position and done!