Work in Progress February 2015

So it's a bit of a push to be showing these as a February WiP given that it's April already, and as is always we're suffering from Blog-lag as things have moved on a little from here.

Not a lot though if I'm honest. March was more of a month for socialising and getting out and about more than being at home hitting the DIY. There was some painting done, so that the new skirting boards are done, as are the hall faces of the bathroom door and the doors to the utility-cupboard in the hall.

Nobody wants to see a photo of some skirting though, no matter how hardcore their DIY addiction. There's probably some space on the internet for skirting-fetishism (that's the great thing about the internet you can find your tribe no matter how small the niche) but that place is not here. Move on skirting-fetishists, nothing to see here. (That got weird quickly)

Much more fun to share the picture wall in the living room. Still not complete, that space in between the two portrait paintings is reserved for something, but I've not got around to putting it up yet. And I've wrapped it around the corner with another framed map too, so always shifting.

This is WiP in the 5% margin though. Changes are small and incremental. But that's what living in yourplace looks like; always evolving.