Daily Blog February

Over the past few months I've found it hard to give this blog the time it deserves. I guess I just gets shoved down the list after the things that are screaming louder. It's important but not urgent.

Logic would suggest that doing something sporadically or weekly or monthly was easier than daily, but one of the best ways to address important, non-urgent activities is to schedule them more regularly rather than less. If you can think "I can do it tomorrow and still hit my once a week" then you continue to put it off and tomorrow quickly becomes never.

This is why I run about three times a year.

If you do something everyday it becomes habit, an expected part of one's routine. I mean routine in a good way, but then I love a good routine. Maybe ritual is a more enticing way of putting it!

So for the month of February I am going to post something here every day. (Yes, I know it's the third already, this demonstrates the first rule of daily blogging will be planning ahead!) Not necessarily a long piece, although hopefully there'll be a few of those, but something will go up here daily.

And by the end of the month, I hope that I'll have a good habit and another stone in my daily routine