New Opportunities

I'm battling a cold today so I'll keep this brief (I have no excuse for radio silence for the past few days of "Daily Blogging February." Sometimes life off-line is just too good to put aside, and that's a really great thing).

Making a home is a task that is never finished. Partly because in between making it you have to live in it and so some weeks it's just about keeping your head above the laundry pile and not eating cold beans from a can (although I kinda prefer them cold to hot actually, but that's another thing altogether), but partly because once you do one thing it can throw something else that was previously "fine" or even "good" into "could be better" or "Oh, that doesn't work."

When I hung these pictures in the bedroom last week, I stood back to admire them, and my second thought was "Now, some shelves either side of the bed would look even better!" (my first thought being "Whoop! They look ace!"). It's true, it will bring a nice balance to the wall. I'm thinking two "floating" style shelves in black finish to either side of the bed, to line through with the bottom and the mid line of the pictures.

And it would free up my bedside table from the short list pile of what to read next. Or let me expand that short list. There can never be too much bookshelf space.

If you go home with somebody and they don’t have books, don’t fuck them
— John Waters