Work in Progress August 2014

August seems to have slipped away from me. It's been a great month, but then it usually is because my birthday is in the middle of it. This year I had friends come down from Edinburgh to celebrate and we went out for dinner with my parents and some Oxford folks. Good food, good company and surprise presents. It was the best. 

I've been too busy living life off-line to be documenting it on line, and so WiP is a bit late this month. So in between birthday celebrations I've been painting. The living room is about 5m square (that's 16.5ft in old money) so it's quite a mammoth task to paint.

Now that the top of the bay and the kitchen window are in the same room I wanted to emphasise that fact that their heads are the same height, so I used it as a datum for a picture rail line for the painting. I wasn't sure how it was going to turn out, but I told myself "If I hate it I'll just paint in the top section." I love it. It's definitely staying. There'll be a tutorial coming soon on how I got the line so crisp if you want to do something similar.

The other thing I did was laid the lino in the two little cupboards. Now the reason I was doing that was to be prepared for the washing machine delivery. Which didn't happen. Twice. It turned into a bit of a saga, but I'm hoping for third time lucky!

The upside of course was I could kit out the smaller cupboard with racks and shelves and so on. I have space for my Dyson, and my cycling kit, and other stuff that doesn't need to be out and getting in the way of the working area of the living room. A small thing shouldn't make me so happy, but having somewhere to put things where they're out the way and hidden is so satisfying.

You've got to find pleasure in the small things in life, the everyday moments. If you can do that then happiness is so much more accessible. And for me that's what August has been all about.