My Favorite Weekday Breakfast: Raw Oat Pots

Last weekend I posted this picture on Instagram and shared it to facebook


A couple of my friends accused me of being a Hipster (such a 2014/1954 insult!) I rebuffed with "Wait till you see my blog post on raw porridge in a jar! I'm not even joking."

I wasn't.

This is the breakfast I eat most weekdays. It's easy, the pots are prepped at least a night in advance and waiting for me in the morning, and it's reasonably nutritious being oats and raw and relatively low on sugar. I make up batches of three pots at a time, i.e. three days breakfasts as a solo-dweller. It would probably keep longer in the fridge, there isn't really much to go off, but much more than 5 days and I'd be wary.

I do hesitate to call it a recipe though. It's more guidelines, and so I don't offer up any quantities here. The method kind of sorts that out though, so you can't go far wrong.

You will need

Oats (I like the chunky kind as I think the texture is better)

Apple juice, preferably cloudy (local and single variety for full Hipster creds)

Dried fruit (optional, I use sultanas. Raisins or chopped apricots would also be good)

Standard size jam jars, approx. 400g (my preference is the wide necked type as they're easier to pour things into and clean up after)

Yoghurt to serve

Take your jars and put a large pinch/small handful/tablespoon of dried fruit in the bottom.

Jam jars
Raw Porridge

Fill the jar to half way with oats.

Top up with apple juice to come just over the top of the oats. I usually do half juice and half water because I find that sweet enough, but I eyeball it rather than measuring accurately or making up a mix specifically.

Put on the lids and pop in the fridge until morning. When you're ready for breakfast, pull out a jar, top with a few spoonfuls of natural yoghurt for added protein and creaminess, stir it all up (be sure to dig down to the bottom of those dried fruits) and tuck in. Coconut milk is a good with it too, which I used last week when I ran out of yoghurt, and gets you into the whole dairy-free and vegan area. A sprinkle of seeds or nuts would be a nice addition. Or some chopped fresh fruit. Or some chocolate chips. There's plenty of opportunity for customisation.


I eat it straight out of the jar, because I'm lazy and it saves washing up, but you can decant it into a bowl if you're classier than me. You can also make it in a large bowl rather than pots if you're serving lots of people, same principal applies: as long as the oats are covered in liquid you'll be all good.

Of course, pots mean it's transportable, even on a bike, and desk compatible too for those who like to breakfast in work (which I have been known to do). I love pots, and if that makes me a hipster so be it!