WiP January 2014

So I'm calling this Work in Progress (WiP), although it's really the before. WiP 0.0 if you like. But this is the post everybody has been asking for so it's a pretty important one. Of course now I've put it together I've realised how terrible and blurry these photos are! Oh well, hopefully I'm going to become an ace at photographing internal spaces. Eventually. 

OK, here we go, the first virtual grand tour . . .

Photos - 26.jpg

I should really be starting with a photo in the hall and walking you through the flat, huh? Yeah, well I didn't take that photo (lesson 2, take more photos!) so we're starting in the Living Room (should rooms have capitals? It makes me think of the bar chain. Or Cludo). The big bay window lets in lots of light, and currently features the "period finishes" of textured wallpaper and Artex ceilings (that applies throughout actually). . . Oh and that's the doorway to the kitchen on the right.

Photos - 31.jpg

Standing by the bay window, looking back towards the hall, just around that corner . . .

Photos - 36.jpg

Glazed screen and vinyl floor tiles. The 1970s gave us some great design ideas. Self-adhesive vinyl tiles were not one of them. But wait, we can't forget the kitchen:

Photos - 33.jpg
Photos - 32.jpg

Original cabinets . . . and sink. I actually really like the sink. A full worktop stainless steel sink would be pricey new so to have one existing is a bonus, although it's too shallow for modern cabinets, so that's going to require some thought if I'm going to keep it.

Photos - 37.jpg
Photos - 39.jpg

This is the bedroom, with some un-period picture rails and cornicing. And the view back towards the door (wardrobe needs some doors . . .)

Photos - 42.jpg
Photos - 43.jpg

And finally the bathroom, which is thankfully white although not a particularly useful layout for putting a shower over the bath unfortunately (and yeah I really wish I'd closed to loo seat!)

So there we have it, all I can say is watch this space (and I promise to buy a tripod soon!)