Make: Tablet Pocket

Lots of exciting developments in the flat over the past week, but my ability to process images and write content lags behind. Oh the tyranny of the editing calendar! Well that might be a bit of a grand term for the list at the back of my notebook, but I have a narrative to lead you along and so we will all have to wait a little.

In the meantime I thought I'd share a quick make I did a couple of weeks ago.


This is a felt pocket I made for my tablet. Not a case, but something to stop it from getting scratched in my bag. It's really simple, and could easily be made by hand. With a sewing machine it took about an hour, including cutting out.


So you'll need some felt. I've found the easiest, and often the cheapest, way to get some good thick felt is to make you own. And it's so easy. You need some virgin wool fabric (and by virgin I mean untreated, no machine washable stuff) either woven fabric bought by the meter (which is what I used here) or just a wooly jumper (scour the charity shops for these).

So take your woolies and put them in the washing machine on a 90ยบ wash with some laundry detergent. The thing that everybody tells you not to do with wool, because it turns it to felt. Not what you want for your favorite cashmere jumper but exactly what we're aiming for here. The combination of heat, the motion of the machine and soap causes the wool fibres to swell and mesh together making the felt. It's better if you have more than one piece of fabric because they rub against each other and that helps the felting process, but a large jumper on it's own would probably be fine. If you're worried there isn't enough fabric, a tennis ball in an old sock (so you don't get yellow patches on your felt) will add to the abrasion factor and improve the knit on your felt.


If you've used a jumper cut off the arms and cut off the seams so you have nice flat pieces to work with. Fold your piece of felt in half so you have a double thickness and place your tablet on top, leaving a 1cm gap to the edge for the seam.


Cut the piece for the pocket, again leaving 1cm on the other side for the other seam.


Then just sew up the two long edges, leaving the top open. No need to hem the top edge, the felt won't fray. Mine is a little longer than the tablet so I can fold over the top edge, and I added a wide elastic strap to keep it together. 


The strap is a length of 2.5cm wide elastic, the twice the height of the tablet plus an extra 4cm. Overlap the two edges to make a loop, with a overlap of 2cm. Stitch the two ends to each other, and then sew to the middle of one face of the pocket. 


And you're done! Really simple and quick.