Design Brain

This image is a distilled version of my thoughts on the flat over the past couple of months. A little bit like looking at the inside of my brain. Well the design part of of my brain anyway; not the part that's thinking about cheesecake, or dining, or nonsense.

Translation, from top left anticlockwise: heater to be replaced; new hot water tank => space for washing machine below?!; Lowest priority just tiles and paint for now; would love to turn the bath but can't move the WC because of cast iron drainage :( ; Wardrobe needs doors! And fittings inside otherwise the bedroom is just paint and floor coverings; Open plan living . . . a kitchen with a sofa OR a living room with a kitchen in . . . How do you "hide" a kitchen in plain sight?; Make open plan and "steal" some space from the hall; Kitchen!! Too small, not enough cupboards; Door here would be good, but not like this Pocket door?

Plus, in new wizzy blog feature of the week, if you click on the image it will get bigger. And if you hover it will give you a translation of my scribbles. Oooooh!