Behind the Scenes

There are these chain letter type blog posts that go around the internet and this one was started by April on her blog Blacksburg Belle back in September. I was nominated by my friend Georgie to answer the 15 questions about my blog/business (you can see her 15 answers here)  so here we go!

My current selection of souvenirs and inspiration

My current selection of souvenirs and inspiration

What’s your two to three sentence bio?
I'm an architect by profession, with a love if mid-twentieth century furniture and Scandinavian interiors. I have private clients outside of my day job, and I'm using my own apartment as a test bed for some of my design thoughts.

What’s your favourite part of your blog?
Creating content, documenting the process and my thoughts around my renovation project

What’s your least favourite part of your blog?
The tech stuff; I don't feel I've even touched the vast world of plugins and adaptations or stretched the capabilities of my site. In amongst doing the flat and having private clients, its something I've yet to get a handle on.

What are the top three tools you use the most in your work?
My macbook pro, my friend's Canon Rebel DSLR and Evernote

What business/blog goal would you love to reach before the end of the year?
My goal is to get some furniture into the living room! That’s not quite the same as finishing, there will still be plenty of things to do and add to, but getting to the stage where I can host people and have somewhere for them to sit will be a major landmark!

This is not my desk, it's from the lovely people at  Death To The Stock Photo

This is not my desk, it's from the lovely people at Death To The Stock Photo

Who are three creatives that inspire you?
Shauna Haider aka Nubby Twiglet, who has used her blog to establish her design brand and eventually launch her design studio. Plus her beautiful photographs and art direction make her blog a cut above.
Joy The Baker, was the very first blog I found and turned me into the blog fan-girl I am. I still love what she does, her photograph and her recipes!
Ivania Carpio of Love Aethetics for her laser focussed personal style. Not my style but I really admire her commitment to being her and the fact she has built her career off that starting point.

What do you listen to (if anything) while you work?
Podcasts of The Lively Show and Desert Island Disks, or BBC 6music

Morning person or night owl?
Neither! My peak hours are around 3pm-8pm. I suspect probably be a morning person if I had less screen time and artificial light. 

You know when somebody asks you a seemingly simple question and it causes an A-ha! moment? This was one of those questions: I've struggled with finding time to blog, but this made me realise I'm trying to do work on the blog after 9pm, ie. outside of my best hours. I've totally changed my schedule now: high cognative stuff (blogging and client work) straight after I get home from work, dinner and then vegging or menial but necessary stuff before bed. I'm still in the transition period of this new habit, but it's helping so much!

The  Pier Arts Centre  in Stromness, Orkney

The Pier Arts Centre in Stromness, Orkney

How many employees do you have and what are the main things they do for you?
Its just me, although lots of friends and family have helped me on the flat, so by that means they’ve made a significant contribution to the blog content too!

What’s your favourite social media platform?

What’s your least favourite social media platform?

What works best when it comes to marketing your blog?
Erm, maybe this is another thing I need to spend more time on?! I think because my subject is very visual it’s got to be Instagram sneak peaks.

What’s one thing about your blog that your readers probably don’t know?
It runs bout 2-3 weeks behind reality! At least! Plenty of time to edit it so it looks better than it is!

If your blog were a fashion accessory, what would it be?
Raw denim jeans; high quality, sustainably sourced, suits a whole variety of life stages.

What’s your top tip for someone who wants to do something similar to you?
Start! And invest in yourself and your education, whether that’s through traditional routes or e-courses, keeping your skill set moving is useful not just for having new skills but to be used to doing new things regularly.

The game now is to pass it on! I nominate: 

Verity at Rascal and Roses, because I'd love to know how she juggles a blog, a new business and a toddler with a baby on the way! (I think it's super powers!)

I'm also going to throw it out to my Blogcademy classmates, and see if they want to play.