Hi, I'm Bethan, and welcome to Ply.

I’m an architect by profession and a maker by nature. I’ve usually got a project (or five) on the go, often something I’ve never attempted before and I’m mostly winging it. This blog will document the renovation of my new apartment (which definitely come under the headings “never attempted before” and “winging it”), with some food and nonsense along the way.

When I was studying my favourite place to be was the workshop, where we were encouraged to make whatever we could think of. If you can design it, and articulate what it is you're trying to do, you can find somebody who will help you to make it. With the advent of the internet the information to do that is available to everybody; information to do or find pretty much anything. What I hope to do here is to show that it’s possible, that it’s OK to make mistakes (they will happen anyway so best not to worry about them in advance, and besides the solution you find is usually better than the original idea ever was), and to document my experiments in design.

I'm not a writer, I just want to make this thing, made of words and pictures and drawings of all kinds. I write as I would talk to you (for the most part) which usually means I use too many parentheses (but that's where the good stuff happens, right? The bit in between the stuff you meant to put there).